Hydraulic Mechanic for Jack Up

Job Description

Start date:February 14, 2022
Job location:United Kingdom
· Responsible for building, installing and identifying hydraulics systems.

· Build hose assemblies, cut, thread, and install piping, bend and flare tubing and Install hydraulic components.

· Identify basic hydraulic fittings.

· Read and assemble equipment from prints, drawings and read hydraulic schematics and have a good understanding of symbols.

· Performing preventive and corrective maintenance on all drilling equipment and special projects involving hydraulic mechanical components.

· Perform repairs on all hydraulic mechanical equipment.

· Maintain a log of all maintenance performed and updates on all equipment changes or modifications Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair faults in basic to complex hydraulic systems.

· Assist with special projects involving hydraulic mechanical components including closed loop and open loop systems, hydraulic pumps and motors Read and interpret hydraulic schematics to assist in troubleshooting and minimizing repair times.

· Rebuild or replace hydraulic components, e.g., valves, pumps, motors, accumulators and cylinders as required Work effectively with a maintenance team to schedule and perform repairs.

· Perform rig-up/rig-down for all hydraulic aspects of the drilling rig and maintain/repair all mechanical equipment.

· Ensure that all work performed by 3rd party personnel are performed in a safe and efficient manner.