Production Operator - Wells - offshore

Job Description

Position: Production Operator - Wells - offshore
Job location : UAE
Department: Operations Offshore
Industry: Oil & Gas
Job rotation: 28/28
Exploration and Production

Experience :
1. Thorough knowledge of well completion, process flow, and safety system. Good understanding of gas lifts valve and its operating procedures. Thorough knowledge of the operation of pumps, turbines, compressors, power generators, and well equipment. Knowledge about drilling, workover, well intervention operations. Sound operating knowledge about chemical treatment and pipeline, pigging, Basic understanding of well, down-hole equipment, and gas lift operation
2. Through knowledge of fluid separation and well testing. Also good understanding of pneumatic and electronic level/pressure/flow instruments. Ability to interpret process flow, safety system, and well-completion schematics. Well, testing and water cut analyzing. Knowledge of basic flow measurement calculations and measurement equipment.
3. Business Management (Oracle, MS office 2003/2010, Live Link applications, Crane operations), Planning Prioritizing, Risk Management, Crane operations.
4. The production operator, supervises & is accountable for directing contractors on all assigned platforms to carry out maintenance activities in accordance with approved procedures and manufactures recommendations. He carries out a variety of operational tasks, including NFT, ACP diagnostic, Monitoring SCADA/DCS/ESP, NORM testing. Echo enter usage, control system, implementing routing checks on platforms as per operators checklist on daily weekly basis
5. Provide accurate and clear communications to the SPS and frequent contracts on the platform to control and provide information on ongoing production conditions, performs, and maintenance program
6. Good knowledge of MCDR (Mechanical corrosion Damage Reports), CAF (Change Approval Form), ORA (Operational Risk Assessment), Initiation and completion, maintaining a list of WO. Tracking of Oracle backlog, raising work order request to ensure timely follow up
7. Carries out crane operation for routine lifts from the boat/platform
8. Control and authorize access within his area of responsibility to engineering.
9. Undertake the final inspection at the completion of all works, ensuring the works have been completed satisfactory to the scope and PTW requirements, all tools, materials, and debris removed, where applicable, determine that the equipment/system is deemed to be worthy of returning to service, and execute the closure of the PTW, & work request
10. Understand, monitor and intervene where necessary to ensure the safe, efficient and effective operation of wells and process equipment. Ensure the safety system is fully functional. Eliminate unnecessary production loss and process upsets by taking timely corrective action
11. Work towards completion of Competency Development Assurance (CDA) profiles