Operator - Onshore Rig in UAE

Job Description

Position : Operator - onshore
Job location : UAE
Job rotation : 28/28
Industry : Oil & Gas
Exploration and Production
Experience :
1. 15+ years of Gas Plant experience.
2. Degree, Diploma preferably in Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
3. Gas plant design, controls, maintenance and operations.
4. Distributed control systems, gas processing and gas turbine and
compressor operations.
5. Wellhead maintenance including Wellhead completion, Xmas tree valve and wellhead seal testing, completions, Piping/surface
6. Computer literate – Microsoft Excel and Word.
7. Well head, Slug Catchers, Separators, Condensate Stabilisation Column, Heat Exchangers, Furnaces, Mono Ethelyne Glycol (MEG) Unit, Pumps, Gas Compressors, Gas Turbines, Utilities including generators and fire protection systems and storage equipment.
8. Control of Work (Permit) system, Authorised Gas Tester, Use of Breathing Apparatus, Advanced First-Aid, Fire Fighting, Hydrogen Sulfide Safety, Confined Space Entry, iMist, emergency response, Task Risk Assessment and similar Oil and Gas safety trainings.
9. Valid UAE driving license is required
10. Distributed Control System (DCS) Panel operations safely and
11. As a Control Room Operator, carry out startup, shutdown and operation duties in a safe and effective manner and in accordance with operating procedures within design limits and established operating parameters.
12. Closely monitor and control the operation of the plant process through Local Control Panels / Honeywell DCS.
13. Carryout plant operation within safe envelopes, monitor alarms, take corrective actions, analyse upsets and trips.
14. Report process excursions, upsets and trips with operating details. Ensure approval is in place before any deviations to standard operations.
15. Liaise with Operations and GCS control room for the required changes in the operation modes, gas import / export requirement and plans, manage appropriate balance of gas supply and demand.
16. Monitor process parameters and adjusts process conditions as per set values/instructions/procedures to maintain optimum rates and product quality. Ensure gas re-injection, supply and gas quality are met.
17. Maintain Long Term Isolation Register, Bypass Register and Keys Cabinets for Locked Open / Locked Closed Keys.
18. Complete log sheets and maintain a daily log of all events occurring in the assigned area.
19. Cover Well operations as assigned including all normal operation duties of Well Operator.
20. Prepare and handover wells for well integrity / well operations for well integrity, wellhead completion, Xmas tree valve and wellhead seal testing, completions, and piping / surface installations. Ensure all works complies with Permit. Supervise work to ensure control of work is maintained.