Operator GCS (gas control station) - onshore

Job Description

Position : Operator GCS (gas control station) - onshore
Job location : UAE
Job rotation : 28/28
Industry : Oil & Gas
Exploration and Production

Experience :

1. Operating experience in the oil, gas or petrochemical industries
2. Assist in coordinating the flow of natural gas throughout the distribution system in a safe and efficient manner and provide an uninterrupted supply of gas to customers in accordance with agreed guidelines and procedures.
3. Assist in monitoring and operating the Honeywell Experion PKS system to determine gas flow, pressure, volume, and consumption.
4. Assist in maintaining appropriate gas pressure and volume in the pipeline system.
5. Understand correlated data such as gas quality, pressure, and temperature with variables affecting consumer demand, such as weather conditions and time of day to forecast load adjustment.
6. Respond in time for nomination and renomination of gas supply and demand.
7. Area operator signatory on all types of permits to work at Gas Control Station (GCS) area.
8. Perform gas tests and preparation of field equipment for maintenance work and ensure that permit to work control measures including any required isolations are in place
9. Perform routine operating tasks / preventive maintenance in the field.
10. Update gas supply and demand profiles.
11. Maintain daily field reading sheets and log. Provide verbal handover at shift change over.
12. Assist in developing and maintaining effective relations and coordination with counterparts from gas suppliers and gas customers.
13. Assist in the day to day coordination with control rooms regarding planned and forecast gas supply and demand.
14. Prepare and maintain the daily Gas Control Station (GCS) Reports including transmittal to the intended recipients.
15. Respond to emergency telephone calls or other notifications, gather the required essential information, and inform the appropriate parties.