Dock Coordinator (Morgan City, Louisiana)

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities
Reads and understand procedures
Reads and understand engineering drawings
Plans and coordinate premobilization activities with PM and Engineers
Assists PM/Engineers with deck layouts
Coordinates 3rd party services at the dock (welders, mobile cranes and NDT)
Conducts mobilization planning with PM/OM
Sets up trucking schedules with PM/OM for mobilizations, demobilizations and pre/post mobilization activities
Directs loading/offloading of trucks during mob/demob
Interfaces with project stake holders
Generates EMO’s and sign work orders
Signs off on procedures
Performs preventative maintenance on equipment stored at dock
Operates forklift
Directs rigging/crane and welding operations
Inventories/checks in job related equipment at the dock
Coordinates proper hand over with opposite on shift change
Works seven day/12 hour shifts at OII Dock