Rig Manager - North Dakota

Job Description

Assists the Crew Pusher and/or TRS Lead in carrying out all routine, non-routine and emergency operational activities around the rig floor areas or any other area of the rig location as designated by the Driller.

• Routinely prepares the rig floor area for whatever operation is to take place as well as function checks all casing handling and running tools to enable carrying out operational activities such as picking up, laying down, running, retrieving, connecting, tripping, standing back and/or disconnecting all components of the casing drill string, completion string, and when required, drill pipe.

• Assists and helps Driller carry out all operational activities around the rig floor or any other area of the rig location as designated by the Driller.

• Assists service company personnel in rigging up or down special equipment and/or tools if instructed to do so by the Driller.

• Carries out special assignments/duties individually or as part of the crew with respect to loading/unloading materials, etc. helping with mud pump maintenance/repairs, mixing mud and chemicals, cleaning and measuring tubulars and tools, assisting in the repair and maintenance of solids control equipment, lubricating and greasing equipment/machinery, cleaning and repainting rig, etc.

• Maintains a safe working environment and reasonably clean and tidy rig floor area by picking up and storing all tools in their respective storage areas after using, discarding waste materials and washing down the rig floor and rig floor equipment as often as necessary.

• Maintain a basic knowledge and awareness of safe working habits and rig safety rules and regulations.