General Field Engineer - MWD/LWD for Drilling Project

Job Description

Halliburton is looking for General Field Engineer - MWD/LWD for Drilling Project

Under broad direction, provides on-site supervision of the Logging- While-Drilling (LWD) process, including tool preparations, data acquisition, log generation and Quality Control (QC) and delivery of the services to the customer. Serves as the lead engineer on most jobs. Ensures that all data presented to the customer is accurate, timely and meets the highest service quality standard possible. Ensures that expected and needed data and possible problems are provided to the customer. Provides technical consultation to all of Halliburton's clients. This includes mud hydraulics, Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) planning, formation evaluation, drilling tendencies, the mud system and BHA dynamics. Properly tests all tools and equipment before, during and after each job. Identifies and corrects operational problems to prevent or minimize service impact. Accurately completes all required forms, databases and reports (i.e. service vouchers, lost/damaged equipment, radiation site survey, End of Job Customer Survey (EJCS) report, First Alert Database (FAD)/Correction, Prevention and Improvement (CPI). Ensures BHA's are assembled as planned, including correct make-up torque, doping and handling. Aware of customer requirements regarding directional survey procedures. Interfaces with the Directional Driller (DD) to ensure BHA compatibility, planned operating parameters are within specification and correct tool face references are applied. Participates in performance improvement initiatives as required. Ensures all equipment, personnel and resources needed to perform the service is available. Must be proficient in the use of LWD software and be able to provide advice and analysis to the client representative at the well site. This shall include survey calculations, log generation, basic geosteering services and data quality control (QC). Ensures a daily LWD report is completed and copied to client's onsite and offsite drilling teams and to the MWD coordinator. Where applicable, responsible for submitting an accurate daily cost for the LWD services. Assists in the evaluation of individual performance levels of onsite LWD personnel. Assists in the training and development of junior personnel. Fosters teamwork among all personnel involved in the performance of the work. An undergraduate degree in a STEM discipline required. Completion of the basic M/LWD training program and minimum 24 months working as a FP-LWD Sr. Must have successfully passed company tests, or met task guideline requirements. Ability to demonstrate technical aptitude to standards required. Must possess good communication, arithmetic, data entry and recording skills. Requires ability to read and interpret formation well logs and interpret directional survey information and other well site data. Must possess relevant on and offshore safety certificates. This is a field position.

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