Rig Electrician - Saudi Arabia

Job Description

Company: Nabors Drilling International Gulf FZE
Skills: Rig Electrician
Other Skills: Preferred candidate with at least 5 years Rig Electrician experience in current employer
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Rotational Salaried Employee
Salary: Competitive
Location: Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

The Rig Electrician is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and field repair of all electrical equipment on the rig, logistics equipment and camp in accordance with Nabors Rig Management System (RMS).


To ensure that all operation of electrical equipment is carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications
To maintain all electrical equipment on the rig and camp in accordance with Nabors planned maintenance system and to manufacturers' specifications
To carry out unscheduled repairs to electrical equipment at the rig site and on the camp
To liaise with the Rig Manager, Driller and Rig Mechanic to schedule major overhauls of rig equipment
To ensure the availability of adequate spare parts for electrical equipment through the inventory system, both for routine maintenance and to cover unscheduled maintenance or replacements


Personally responsible for own safety and conducting ones self to the standards of Nabors Policies and Procedures
Carry out all duties in the safest possible manner and ensure that personal protective equipment (PPE) is used correctly
Take personal responsibility for, and demonstrate leadership in, HSE. Play a leading role in safety meetings and the safety program
Supervise the activities of the Rig Welder and Motorman
Enact the planned maintenance program for rig and camp electrical equipment and instrumentation
Work with the Driller and other crew members to ensure that the rig is operated in accordance within the design parameters and in conformance with all aspects of Nabors RMS
Conduct visual, and where possible functional, inspections of equipment both prior to use and at periodic intervals and in particular after rig moves and rig-up
Take responsibility for planned maintenance, certification, record-keeping and reporting
Maintain all required records, documentation and certification of electrical equipment on the rig and camp and produce accurate and timely reports on usage of such equipment
Maintain and update all electrical drawings and wiring diagrams
Ensure that lock-out and tag-out procedures are fully complied with at rig site and campsite
Supervise the dismantling, packaging and preparation of electrical equipment for rig moves, including re-assembly at new locations
Establish a culture of continuous improvement in operations and demonstrate results in this regard. Work with the other members of the rig crew to develop improved practices which will positively impact on rig performance
Maintain, jointly with the Rig Mechanic, all rig instrumentation
Manage, in conjunction with the Warehouseman, the inventory of spares and replacement parts for Electrical Equipment and initiate material requests and material transfers as required
Maintain the cleanliness of the SCR house and integrity of the electrical control equipment therein