Electrician for Oil & Gas Project (Saudi Arabia)

Job Description

Job Requirements:

Minimum of 3 years as an Electrician on an offshore facility, or 2 years offshore experience as a Field Service Technician with a service company like NOV, Cameron, Seatrax, Letourneau or Caterpillar. Completion of ARO On the Job Training (OJT) for electrician.

Physically capable of being transported to an offshore rig by boat or helicopter.

· Must be capable of working in a confined Marine environment.

· Must have excellent conflict resolution skills and be able to diplomatically handle confrontation.

· Must be committed to a high standard of safety and be willing and able to comply with all safety laws and all the employer’s safety policies and rules and must be willing to report safety violations and potential safety violations to appropriate supervisory or management personnel

· HVAC Universal Technician certificate.

· Thorough knowledge in the operation and maintenance of drilling equipment such as cranes, top drives, draw works and mud pumps.

· Thorough knowledge in the operation and maintenance of marine engineering systems such as water, fuel, HVAC, and main engines.

· Ability to read complex Electrical drawings and PLC Ladder logic.

· Ability to objectively analyze data, arrive at logical conclusions and make decisions in high-pressure situations. (e.g., downtime situations)

· Thorough knowledge of VFD’s, PLC hardware, Network Communications Hardware, and programming devices.

· Accredited Fiber Optic technician certificate.

· Proficient in advance test and repair equipment to include Scope meters, Fiber Fusion splicer, Fiber optic loss insertion test equipment, Profibus test kits, Ethernet test units, and process meters.

· Accredited Compex certification preferred.

· PC proficiency required - competency with Microsoft Office Software suite version 2007 or greater.

· Good interpersonal skills and excellent team working and organizational skills.

· Ability to communicate effectively.

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